O.L.S. Community Homes are private, residential facilities for adults with developmental disabilities owned and operated by the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows.  The Sisters also own and operate three Homes: Renzi Community Home, Verni Community Home and Greco Group Home.



Renzi Community Home


Renzi Community Home is a six bed Home for adult males ages eighteen and older.  Located at 347 Browns Bend Road.  Renzi Home was the first home to be opened by the Sisters in 1991.  It was built on a piece of land donated to the Sisters for this new ministry.  Renzi Community Home provides private rooms for each client in addition to a family room, dining area and family style kitchen.  It also has a guest room for family and friends.  The Home is built on the bank of Bayou Rapides and is landscaped with oak trees and azaleas.  The clients enjoy a covered patio and large back yard for sports and cookouts.



Verni Community Home


Verni Community Home opened it doors in 1991 with six female clients.  The Home was built on the same donated property and a  special permission was obtained to build these homes close together.  The clients share an immense back yard facing Bayou Rapides.  Verni Community Home became a facility for males in 1993 when Greco Group Home opened.



Greco Group Home


Greco Group Home opened in 1993 as a home for eight women.  The female clients from Verni Community Home were transferred to Greco and two other clients were admitted from Holy Angels Facility. The Home also has individual rooms for the clients and an apartment for family and friends.  The building is a Louisiana-style country french with a vaulted ceiling in the living area.  The clients at Greco Home also enjoy a covered patio and a spacious back yard.





The Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows embraces the philosophy that all people have a right to grow and develop in an atmosphere which maximizes individual potential and recognizes the dignity of risk.  The inspiration of the Sisters came from Bishop Charles P. Greco, founder of St. Mary’s Residential Training School in Alexandria, Louisiana and Holy Angels Residential Facility in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Bishop Greco loved the motto “Happiness First” which suggests that people with developmental disabilities have difficulty in creating their own happiness and therefore rely on others to assist them in their personal pursuit.  To bring people to their maximum level of independence in happiness, to be productive and self-sufficient is the greatest gift we can give to the persons we serve.


The Homes strive to provide this atmosphere of supported development which acknowledges the risk of allowing clients to venture into community living.  The Homes are in conformity with Federal, State and Local laws, Codes and Regulations pertaining to health and safety including procurement, dispensing, administration, safe-guarding and disposal of medication and controlled substances, building, construction, maintenance and equipment standards, sanitation and communicable diseases and postmortem procedures.


The Homes recognize that the client with developmental disabilities must be given the special treatment, education and care as required by the particular handicapping condition.  It is the intent of the Homes to provide any special treatment or care to all clients on a personalized basis in order to provide development and participation in the habilitative program.





The OLS Community Homes offer residential and training services for individuals with developmental disabilities, males and females ages 18 and older. The program consists of training, work, behavior management and health care. Emphasis is placed on teaching basic skills such as self-care, social development, household management, leisure time activities and vocational preparation for employment. Clients are encouraged to participate in the life of the local community and through employment, to be productive members of society. The Homes are licensed by the Department of Health and Hospitals.



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